Jim White vs. The Packway Handle Band

This post was originally slated for publication back in August, but I needed to wait for YepRoc’s official release of the content. Today’s the day! If you head over to their page there are several more videos- “Not a Song” is such a great tune I couldn’t resist passing it on. Keep your eyes and ears peeled for this release. It’ll be something special.

Looking forward to more video work especially with great and friendly musicians like these guys.


from August 2014:

IMG_0646I was lucky enough to work with the good folks at YepRoc Records on their new web video series “Sawyer Sessions”  yesterday. The video won’t be available for viewing until October, but in the meantime I wanted to share my excitement and a few tunes by the artists we worked with. I don’t want to give away any details before their time but I will say you should be excited about this one. After our taping, Jim & The Boys played a small semi-private gig in Carrboro where I took the above pic.

Check out some uniquely southern, uniquely modern tunes below and web links after. Also recommended, Jim White’s film “Searching for Wrong Eyed Jesus” (trailer here)- a mesmerizing trip through the deep south and some of it’s stranger corners.



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