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I’m still refining portfolios and trying to figure out how to best represent my work on the web. It’s looking like I’ll be moving most of my personal work and music related material over to a new website: www.oiprojects.com. Expect to see more changes here and follow both sites if you are so inclined.  I imagine O/I is where you’ll start seeing video show up as well as more design and multimedia. For now there’s one portfolio there that is all music related photography and a few blog posts- including a short tribute to my departed friend Canon Taylor Staton.

There are these mantras I hear over and over in the photo business: “Show the work you want to do!” or “Specialize! Clients don’t understand the work of a generalist…”  This is tough  for me as I can’t stand to do JUST ONE type of work. If I photograph tabletop all day, every day- I get this strange glazed over feeling that I can only cure by hauling my camera (and arse) out to do something different. But, the client who needs photographs of his new baby products line probably doesn’t need or want to see my favorite photos from the recent Black Angels concert.

Two websites.

Hopefully this will help me drill down on which parts of my portfolio end up on the screens of which client. I also find that I’d rather share my work. For better or worse, I’d rather have it out there than laying dead on a hard-drive in a drawer somewhere.

So… check out www.oiprojects.com when you have some time. It’s still rough around the edges, but I’m excited about the possibilities over there. If you have any thoughts, suggestions or even want to contribute in some way- reach out. Especially if it’s music related. Record reviews? Other music related articles?

PS: The above photo (me shooting Caveman recently) is courtesy Michael Galinsky

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