General Update

Hey folks- it’s been minute since I last posted and it’s been a crazy few months! In addition to having moved my office/studio (more on that soon) I’ve been continuing to try and re-define my relationship to my work. I’ve been shooting for a few commercial clients, working on new videos and am trying to plot a few bigger scale projects. I expect this website will see a complete overhaul again pretty soon and possibly even a full rebranding. Keep your eyes peeled.

Also, if you haven’t already checked it out I’m now an on-air DJ at WHUP FM here in Hillsborough! You can hear my show, Beggars Banquet every Tuesday from 5-7 PM or stream archived versions here for 2 weeks from original broadcast. It’s been great fun and I spin an eclectic mix of stuff from just about any genre you can think of.

Other than that, I’ve been a little more active on Instagram (finally) and am looking forward to some travel this summer. Just for fun, here are a few impressions from a recent trip to Eastern NC- nothing fancy. IMG_4775






IMG_4769       IMG_4766


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