Hillsborough On Ice

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Hillsborough On Ice






Hopefully this was Winter’s last gasp.


On Friday a lot of the Piedmont of NC suffered through a significant winter storm that brought snow and ice.  Counties to our west suffered worse than we did, but some in Orange county still don’t have electricity.  Fortunately it’s 70 degrees today.  Our little town suffered a lot of damage with this one- there are trees down everywhere still and it will take quite awhile to get the mess cleaned up.  I spent an hour or so on Saturday surveying the damage:

IMG_7546IMG_7559IMG_7537IMG_7545  IMG_7540 IMG_7534  IMG_7529 IMG_7566


A big thank you goes out to all the utility and town workers that have been working non-stop for the last several days to get things back to normal.


  1. Wow, great photos, but awesome destruction. So sorry. It’s hard to believe one small town could get so much damage. Loved the photography, though.

  2. Thank you Donna! Things are getting back to normal- we have electricity again and the pubs are open, so there’s that… you guys bring some chainsaws and c’mon down this weekend!

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