Mystery Brewing Company

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Mystery Brewing Company

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Mystery Brewing Company recently to create images showcasing a variety of their seasonal-only beers.

Granted I’m partial to the subject matter, but I had an amazing time working on several images that hopefully embody the (hyper literary) brand that MBC is building.

One thing I admire about MBC (aside from the product) is the fact that Founder/CEO/Head Brewer Erik Myers is forging his own path as a ‘Seasonal Only’ brewery- quite possibly the first of it’s kind. That takes huevos. Though I wish I could get a year-round fix of my very-favorite stout (Six Impossible Things), at least I have one reason to look forward to winter now…


rosalind Locksley_FinalLipstick_2


  1. Yeah, tough commute and I couldn’t figure out what to do with the beer after it was shot…

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