Solo Video #2: Hakomi Mallorca

Continuing my move into the world of video- here’s the fruit of many hours of labor shooting in Spain and editing here at home.

This piece is an intro for workshops that my wife Julia Corley facilitates and is aimed at therapists of several different persuasions. I’ve been lucky enough to accompany her on several trips now and was intrigued by the challenge of interviewing some seriously smart people about the method and distilling it into something easily digestible and (hopefully) engaging. Aside from the sweltering heat (it was filmed in July) and schlepping gear across the world, the biggest challenge here was the edit- I shot around 5 hours of interviews and b-roll in total. Initially, we had all hoped to get the piece down to 5 minutes, but everyone involved was so pleased with the work we let it run long! The coolest parts were a) digging in deeper to understand this method of psychotherapy that my wife is so passionate about and b) working on time-lapse footage for the first time. Again, tons of footage ended up being left behind, but I hope to compile the time-lapse work at some point to show. Now every time I see the intro for House of Cards I start drooling!

Find out more about Hakomi Mallorca here.

If the video isn’t displayed above, click through here to view.


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