24 Frames per second

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24 Frames per second

Waaaaay back in the mid 90’s when I was studying at UNCG, I had a vague notion that music video production was how I wanted to earn a living. I made one short on 8mm film (starring my now wife) that I haven’t dared watch since. The instructor, Brett Ingram  was kind in his criticism and said that he liked the camera work (surely there was little else redeeming about it). Soon after, I took my first still photography course with Arnold Doren and rarely looked back to shooting motion pictures.

Fast-forward nearly 20 years and I am revisiting film/video production at the Duke Center for Documentary Studies.  On Saturday I took my second short course there, this one on DSLR Cinematography with Alex Maness.  Alex was engaging and patient with the 11 students- wading through a barrage of left-field questions (mostly from me) and laying out a lot of information in a really short period of time.


I’m (overly?) excited about adding audio and video to my toolbox.  I’ve got lots to learn and am already developing Gear Acquisition Syndrome (GAS) after getting a glimpse of all those cool toys. Oh Craigslist.  How you tempt me to spend money I don’t really have.

Stay tuned y’all- this could be fun.

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