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For several years I’ve had a distinct need to do more with my work than just promote products and business.  I wondered how exactly I could make some sort of difference or contribution with my photography. I spoke with several friends that worked with not-for-profit organizations that promote agendas that resonate with me, but never found the right fit for one reason or another.

Recently things seem to be moving more in that direction and I had the privilege of shooting my first event for North Carolina based non-profit The CARE Project.  CARE is a young-ish organization run by my friend, Audiologist Johnnie Sexton. Its mission is to “…bring hope to families who have children and/or adults with hearing challenges through counseling experiences aimed at the processing of the emotional stages of grief.” The event was in conjunction with the UNC School of Medicine’s CASTLE program at a camp/retreat center near Fayetteville, NC.

The Latino Family Retreat 2014 hosted 11 families that have children with profound hearing loss and offered the families professional and peer support for the associated challenges. The subscript for the day was that by hosting at the Rockfish Camp & Retreat Center, the children got to have a great day of crafts and outdoor fun.

I left the retreat inspired and hopeful. It was a joy to see the families come together and form a supportive community, but even better was following the kids around as they learned about archery, went fishing and more. I look forward to telling you more specifically about CARE and this new direction for KCP!

Postscript: Please consider “liking” The Care Project Facebook Page to show your support. If you have a favorite non-profit or charity, add a link below!

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